World's First Shark
Deterrent Surfing Leash

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Shark Repellent Surfing Leash:
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Price: $ 39.99 Quantity:

  Lucky Leash Shown with Black and clear cord  


Our Surfing Leash Uses the highest quality Stainless steel in its 2 swivel points and has a specially designed stress reducing harness that attaches to the cord which reduces the forces on your leg and surf board during a wipeout


Close up with red highlights showing the placment of the Rare earth magnets sewn inside the ankle cuff of our Leash


Product Disclaimer:

Lucky Leash Surfing Leash uses Rare
Earth Neodymium magnets that
create very strong magnetic fields.
These fields can interfere with
pacemakers, hearing aids, and other
electronic equipment used in
health care.Use Lucky Leash
at your
own risk!

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