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Lucky Leash the worlds forst shark deterrent surfing leash uses well documented scientific based research and technology to provide a solution for protecting you from shark bites while enjoying time in the ocean.

Our product uses Rare Earth Neodymium-Iron-Boride magnets which when submerged into water produces a magnetic field that interferes with the Ampullae of Lorenzini in sharks and sting rays (electro-sense). This magnetic field produces discomfort and disorientation in sharks. This feeling will increase as the shark approaches a person wearing the shark deterrent surfing leash "Lucky Leash". For additional information on the effects of magnets when encountered by sharks or rays refer to the links below:
Magnetic Shark Repellent,
How Stuff Works- Shark Repellent

  The image above shows lucky Leash worn on the ankle of a surfer preparing to go into the ocean off the coast of North Carolina where Sand, Bull, Maco and other types of sharks are common.  
Close-up view of our neoprene ankle cuff and raised rubber logo.
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